High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer

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High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer

Product Description

1. Air to air heat pump
2. Supply max air temperature 80'C
3. Industrial use to bake such as wood, tobacco, fruit, tea leaf, food.
4. A new environment-friendly, energy-saving product developed specifically for the drying industry
5. An intelligent equipment integrating dehumidification, heating, cooling, moisture discharge and ventilation
6. Using the closed type dehumidification and heat pump drying method, energy-saving and emission-reduction; With closed type drying, each drying room reduces coal combustion of above 80kg every day, thus significantly reduces SO2 and CO2 emission;
7. Using the principle of heat pump for heat recovery from vapor condensation, no waste heat emission, saving operating cost; Saving energy by over 30% more than intensive drying rooms and over 60% more than vertical type drying rooms;
8. Using closed type drying, no contact with external air, good drying quality, high yield, good color and luster and high grade of tobacco products, improved price of dry tobacco;
9. Not subject to temperature and humidity in external environment, suitable for use in different regions;
10. Using medium-high temperature refrigerant, with air temperature of drying cabinet up to 70'C (or 80'C), to meet the temperature requirement of tobacco drying;

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